Mini Herb Garden

I love home-improvement projects! It’s a way to relax as I get to use the other side of my brain and let the creative juices flow. Plus it is a great excuse to trek out to the local hardware store! During my most recent ACE shopping trip I found myself in the lumber yard section where I discovered a hidden stack of wood scraps that were sold for $1/piece. SCORE!

One wood scrap richer I went home to figure out what I could turn this into.

I wish I could take full credit for wonderful mini-herb garden idea, but alas it was inspired by my many hours of Pinterest searching. My inspiration came from Camille Styles.

My Finished Mini-Herb Garden

Here is what you need:
1 Piece of wood (old wood, new wood, anything will work – if its cheap/fee its best)
3 Pipe clamps
3 Mason jars
1 Can chalkboard paint (worth the investment I promise) & Chalk
1 Can of varnish
2 Paint brushes
1 Picture frame hanging hooks
3 Small herb plants
Painters tape

1. Clean and sand your scrap piece of wood. 

2. Since you will be watering your plants it’s important to cover the wood in 2 coats of varnish, or follow the direction on the can.

3. Use some painters tape to outline the areas you want covered in chalkboard paint and use your second paint brush to paint away!

I attached the mason jars first because I was too excited, but believe me it is probably best to paint first.


3. Recruit a handsome boy to attach the pipe clamps with some small nails

4. Allow your handyman feel extra handy by letting him use the drill to tighten the pipe clamps around the mason jar. 

[You don’t really need a drill, a screwdriver will do the trick…but it did save us time!]

5. Ta-Dah! a lovely simple mini herb garden perfect for a small backyard or apartment patio!

Mint for tea…Oregano for pizzas…and Basil for Everything!

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