Doggie Tie

Jordan LOVES to wear ties. He wears a tie to work (almost) everyday, when he is hanging out with friends he’ll frequently find an excuse to ‘suit up,’ and when there is no excuse…well then the dog can wear a tie instead.

When I got a sewing machine for Christmas this was the first thing I made. It was perfect!! Koda, my parents dog, didn’t necessarily think it was perfect, but Bode & Jordan were on my side.

I found a great step-by-step pattern online via Erin Erickson’s blog — Thank You Erin! You can click here for the PDF pattern with detailed instruction!!

In the first picture Koda is wearing a tie that was made following the above pattern exactly.

Everyone got a tie...although my parents' dog was not such a happy camper about it.

Koda. Miss fancy pants!

Bode is wearing a big-boy tie; aka it is longer then the original pattern. If you have a larger dog, simply double the length of the main piece of fabric, otherwise I followed the directions.

My handsome boys!

My handsome boys!


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