Meeting Young House Love

Let me start of by saying…WE MET SHERRY & JOHN from Young House Love yesterday!!! Successful weekend…CHECK!

Jordan and I try to take advantage of our semi-free-time during the weekends, and this past weekend was a major success.

We went to San Francisco (isn’t the Golden Gate just beautiful?! I can never get enough of it!)

Gold Gate Bridge

Gold Gate Bridge

We went to Santa Cruz,

Santa Cruz

Hello Mr. Sunbathing on the pier. Can’t blame him!

…and finally made it to Palo Alto for the book signing with Sherry and John. These 2 bloggers are amazing, and if you haven’t heard of them you need to check out their creative DIY shenanigans! Here is a link: Young House Love.

In LOVE with Young House Love!

We have been re-inspired to continue our own DIY blog on ‘Apples and a Side of Sawdust‘ thanks these 2! We got our ‘Young House Love’ book signed, ate delicious cookies while waiting in line, and met many amazing DIY-ers while waiting to snap a picture with them Thank you Sherry & John for visiting Cali and keep up the inspiring DIY-ing!


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