Filing Cabinet Makeover

I have taken a lot of classes over the years and have often had to refer back to old notes – this equals a lot of paperwork that I hold on to and attempt to keep organized. So when cleaning our office the other day I realized that something had to be done to keep all of this paper work in check; this meant I went on a hunt for a filing cabinet!

Before & After


You would think that these would be relatively easy to come by, but turns out I couldn’t find one anywhere (craigslist, freecycle, etc.). Eventually I was able to get my hands on a decent looking filing cabinet, and even succeeded at bargaining the price down to a whoppin’ $20!

The cabinet was in a decent condition, but it was not cute enough to find a permanent home in our office…so it was going to get a make-over! I had most of the essentials for a Filling Cabinet Make-Over already at home

  • Paint brush
  • Painter tape
  • Off-white paint
  • Chalk Paint (I love this stuff! I’ll write a post later about my famous wine glasses!! And maybe even about my chalk board wall)

I ran to ACE Hardware to get some spray paint primer and then got to work!

  1. Make sure you clean the cabinet well before applying the first coat of spray paint (some water & soap will to the trick to get any grease off or some Lysol wipes also work great.)
  2. Cover with primer
  3. Let dry
  4. Paint on your top coat of paint, roughly avoiding the area you plan to cover in chalk paint
  5. Let this coat dry
  6. Apply another coat of paint if needed (I had to apply 2 coats, some areas even 3)
  7. Let dry
  8. Tape off the area you want chalk paint (I added chalk paint to the bottom 1/2 of each drawer and to the top ‘label’ as well) I recommend that you paint the drawers by pulling them open one at a time.
  9. Paint on the chalk board!
  10. Let dry overnight


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