Bookshelf Makeover

This past weekend I gave my filling cabinet a makeover, and this then inspired further home-improvement projects!

I have decided that it is time for our college hodgepodge collection of furniture to take a more mature adult-look (without the adult price tag/budget)

Every year in college I moved into a different apartment or house and ended up with a great variety of furniture pieces that were either donated from old

family friends, passed down from my parents, found in the ‘donation stations’ around town (aka the piles next to the dumpsters of the apartment complexes around our college town near the end of the school year), or IKEA.

We had a very boring looking Billy Bookshelf from Ikea sitting in our office, it was doings its job just fine, but it was not pretty – especially next to the beautiful new filing cabinet.

Since Ikea furniture is so easy to take apart it was a breeze to paint. I used the left over paint & primer from the filing cabinet to give the pieces once cohesive look and make the office feel a little less cluttered.

Before & After


After painting everything I wanted to give it a POP of color. I attempted to paint chevron stripes on the back but totally failed!

CAUTION: If you want chevron stripes I highly recommend you do not paint them yourself! They are so so so hard and time-consuming! You have to measure everything out, draw lines with pencil, measure more boxes, draw more lines, erase all your mistakes….long story short, it is not worth yours stress!

After this epic fail I then decided to find some colorful wrapping paper and glue it to the back panel instead. This was easy and a total success!

Quickly re-assemble your Ikea bookshelf and Voila, you have a completely new, much cuter, totally unique & personalized bookshelf!

Bode agrees that this is a much better look for the office

Bode agrees that this is a much better look for the office


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