About Us

Our Story…

We met during our college days; both of us were on the rowing team and would catch glimpses of each other in the early mornings at the boathouse and while passing each others crew on the water. The men’s and women’s team did not interact much, but at the beginning of our Junior year season all the rowers came together one last time before ‘dry season’ was enforced. Depending on which one of us you ask the story is slightly different, but in either scenario this party is where we were officially introduced to each other. A few months later we were calling each other ‘boyfriend’ and ‘girlfriend’, biking to class together, studying together, erging together, and just HAPPY!

While we have our differences…

  • Elieke loves science, Jordan studied and teaches history
  • Elieke loves to bake, Jordan loves to eat what Elieke bakes
  • Jordan will read 10 books/week, Elieke is lucky if she reads 1 book/year
  • Jordan has seen almost every movie ever produced, Elieke can barely sit through the previews.

We have a lot in common and share many of the same passions…

  • We love to be outdoors
  • We love to be creative in and around the house
  • We love to ski
  • We love to laugh
  • We love to host dinner parties
  • We love our friends & families more than words can describe
  • And….We love our dog, Bode!

This blog was created for us to do what we love and at the same time share our passion with others. Since our lives are hectic, finding time to actually do what we love is sometimes a challenge. The hope is that by having ‘Apples and a side of Sawdust‘ waiting for us to post something new it will provide us with a great excuse to do what we love.



I am a credentialed Social Studies teacher working as a 9th and 12th grade history teacher. I recently finished my Masters in Education focusing on technology in the classroom. I wear a tie (almost) every single day to work. However, the second I get home the tie comes off and the power tools come out. While I love my job, I’m much more comfortable in a pair of old jeans, with power tools in hand. Thus, my main contribution to ‘Apple and a side of Sawdust’ will be the ‘Sawdust’ part.

I’m lucky enough to live with the beautiful lady (see below) who gets me out of Davis every once in a while for a sweet adventure with our black lab Bode (named after Bode Miller. I like skiing…)


I feel so blessed to live this amazing life, get share it with wonderful friends, family, and loved ones, and have the opportunity to push myself through different challenges each day.


I am a Registered Dietitian and am currently working towards my PhD in Nutritional Biology. I love good food and love sharing it with good company even more. Baking/Cooking is a way for me to de-stress and one of my favorite procrastination tricks! Thus come midterm or exam season you can be sure to find plenty of new kitchen adventures here!

I one-hundred-and-ten-% believe in living a happy and healthy lifestyle, so that includes an other one of my favorite de-stress techniques…EXERCISE! I am an indoor cycling instructor and try to do something active on most days of the week (this does absolutely not always happen!). I love the gym (spin classes are my fav — it’s so much fun finding where your limits are then pushing yourself just an inch further!), or go for a slow jog with our dog, swim in the summer mornings, or explore the great outdoors on a free weekend.

My hope for ‘Apples and a side of Sawdust’ is to share with others that living a healthy lifestyle can be fun! I hope to inspire & motivate you to be happy with yourself and who you are!

Cheers to Good Health!


And before you click on a different page you first have to meet our puppy! We are slightly completely obsessed with this little guy.

Baby Bode

Baby Bode

We call Bode is our ‘drug deal puppy.’ Why you ask? When we were looking to adopt a black lab we searched the internet every hour of every day for a good few months. When we finally came across a litter that was not asking thousands of dollars for a puppy (we’re still on a student budget over here!) we had to see if this was for real. We called the number and a women answered the phone, saying she happened to be driving through out town later that night and would love to meet up. We arranged to meet in a Starbucks parking lot around 9pm. Of course we arrived super early and eagerly waited in the dark shady parking lot on the side of a freeway. No idea what to look for we finally saw a large black SUV roll in. We looked at each other and though ‘what have we done?’ A lady came out, opened the trunk and…….it was like heaven had exploded! BABY PUPPIES EVERYWHERE! It was love at first sight as Bode waddled toward us.

Turned out the women was visiting her sister who lived in a town close to us. While staying with her sister for the summer her dog

Baby Bode

Baby Bode

gave birth to the litter of adorable little black labs. Things got a little complicated when she had to return to Oregon, but we managed to put Jordan on a flight to Portland. He left our house at 6am, flew to Portland, met up with the breeder to pick up our Baby Body (never leaving the airport), flew back with Bode as a carry-on, and was back home by 6pm.

Valentines 2013

Valentines 2013


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